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ReductStore Client SDK for Python

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This package provides an asynchronous HTTP client for interacting with ReductStore in Python.


  • Supports the ReductStore HTTP API v1.10
  • Bucket management
  • API Token management
  • Write, read and query data
  • Labeling records
  • Batching records for read and write operations
  • Subscription
  • Replication management


To install this package, run the following command:

pip install reduct-py


Here is an example of how to use this package to create a bucket, write data to it, and read data from it:

from datetime import datetime
import asyncio
from reduct import Client, Bucket

async def main():
    # Create a client for interacting with a ReductStore service
    client = Client("http://localhost:8383")

    # Create a bucket and store a reference to it in the `bucket` variable
    bucket: Bucket = await client.create_bucket("my-bucket", exist_ok=True)

    # Write data to the bucket
    ts =
    await bucket.write("entry-1", b"Hey!!", ts)

    # Read data from the bucket
    async with"entry-1", ts) as record:
        data = await record.read_all()

# Run the main function
loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

For more examples, see the Quick Start.